Mobilizing God’s People!

Our mission is to change the spiritual climate and transform culture through deploying strategic prayer in Arizona and the Nation, by mobilizing tens of thousands of people to invite God’s transforming presence into every sphere of cultural influence. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Reclaim a Generation

21 Days of Prayer for Schools and Universities

Spiritual Awakening

Prayer, praise and worship for spiritual awakening

Noon Hour Prayer

Be a part of an intense weekly prayer meeting to intercede for Arizona, the border and the Nation.

AZ10K – Prayer Alerts

A strategic call to transformational prayer focused on Arizona, the SW Border and the Nation.

Free Materials

Be on the Front Lines of Real Transformation in Arizona…

You have a role to play

Together, we can transform Arizona through prayer … Join us.

Learn more about the challenges facing communities & why our work is needed.

You make our initiatives possible & your support is impacting lives.

Discover how to use your voice to help ignite transformational prayer.

Sign up to partner in targeted prayer at the BBI Strategic Prayer Room.

Noon Hour Prayer – Locations & Livestream
If you are unable to attend, we will be live streaming on Facebook.

Arizona’s transformation through prayer – AZ10K alerts

Sign-up for our AZ10K alerts and lock arms in prayer for Arizona and the Nation.

It also includes news, transformational events and impacting initiatives.

Resources to ignite your prayer life and transform your world!

Books, On-Demand Videos, Free Prayer Guides…

Personal Endorsements

  • "Hal and Cheryl Sacks are the new pioneers. Working as Watchmen at the Arizona border, they’ve been active on the front lines of real transformation. Invading high schools with worship and prayer, they and their young team were able to watch suicide and drug overdose drop from double digits to zero. The new pioneers are changing spiritual climate over homes, schools, government, businesses and cities.

    The lesson? God’s presence on location changes things!”

    Lance Wallnau
    Lance Wallnau International speaker and corporate consultant
  • "BridgeBuilders has raised the faith of our whole Christian community, that when we pray something will happen!"

    Brian Goodall
    Brian Goodall Prayer Domain Leader, 4 Tucson
  • "Cheryl Sacks helped me create a Personal and Professional Intercessory Team (PIT) for my company during a season of personal challenges and professional season of growth.

    She identified the defensive and offensive prayer strategy we needed and guided us through the steps to mobilizing a supportive team. We’ve seen great results. We’ve seen God’s intervention in keeping our family safe and healthy. I feel greatly empowered personally, and God has brought us huge insights into strategies for our company now and for the future.”

    Author and CEO Silicon Valley
  • "In the most barren time in my life, when I was desperate for a real touch from God, I encountered Him at a BridgeBuilders conference in a way that changed my life forever. Since that time, I have continued to experience the tangible presence and heart of God through conferences hosted by BridgeBuilders. On a personal and ministry level, the statewide gatherings have been an invaluable source of encouragement and direction for us."

    Chris Ngai
    Chris Ngai Founder/Director, LoveASU

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