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Fire on the Family Altar:

Experience the Holy Spirit's Power in Your Home

"As the family goes, so goes the nation."

Nations are in turmoil because of satan's attack on the family. As countless households have surrendered to the slumbering spell of the spirit of this age, the world has increasingly fallen into decay. But there is hope! Destruction of this demonic agenda is possible, and it begins at home!

"Revival will come to a nation when the family altar is restored!" Cheryl Sacks, a dynamic Kingdom leader and prophetic intercessor, heard these words from the Lord. Today, she is wholeheartedly working to turn the tide by filling households across the nation with Holy Spirit power!

In Fire on the Family Altar, Cheryl offers prophetic decrees and practical instructions for restoring the family altar in your home, so you can operate in the strength that God created families to maintain within culture.

In this bold book, you will discover how to:

Don't allow the spirit of this age to hold families captive any longer. One righteous family can make a difference! Restore the family altar in your home, and spark the flames of revival!