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Cheryl Sacks Press Kit


Cheryl Sacks is a best-selling author and inspirational speaker whose content will make you thirsty to pray and discover more of God.

Her “Saturate” series —The Prayer Saturated Church, Prayer Saturated Kids and The Prayer Saturated Family —have blessed and mentored tens of thousands of individuals to go deeper into prayer and have greatly impacted thousands of churches.

Cheryl has written for such publications as Prayer Connect, More to Life, and Rick Warren’s Pastor’s Toolbox. Her teachings have been aired on TBN, GOD TV and Canada’s Miracle Channel.

The non-profit ministry she and her husband lead, BridgeBuilders International, is changing the spiritual climate in communities by mobilizing intense targeted prayer for pastors, law enforcement, legislators, schools, and critical issues in our world. God’s answers to their prayers are astounding and have attracted national and international attention, including an article by the Associated Press that circulated around the world.

A former schoolteacher and youth leader, Cheryl loves investing in the next generation. One of her favorite pastimes is telling her grandchildren God stories, which activate their faith and ignite their prayer life. She and her husband, Hal, make their home in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Hal H. Sacks Press Kit


Hal H. Sacks is president of BridgeBuilders International Leadership Network, a non­-profit Christian organization that’s Changing Spiritual Climate and Transforming Culture.

Hal is the author of Two Nations, One Prayer (TNOP), a bi-lingual 21-day prayer guide, which focuses strategic prayer for the ending of the horrific trafficking problems on the Southwest border. TNOP covers the violence, sex, human, drugs, and weapons trafficking and the gangs and cartels that violently pursue their illicit operations. TNOP was the prayer guide used by more than 10,000 Mexican and American Christians in the spring of 2010 Border Prayer Initiative.

Because of this successful strategic prayer operation, Hal and his wife, Cheryl were twice invited to Los Pinos, the official residence and office of the President of Mexico to meet and lunch with Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon and his cabinet in 2011. The President personally congratulated Hal and his wife, Cheryl on the work they are doing and encouraged them to keep the efforts going, saying “Your prayers are making a difference!”

In preparation for the TNOP initiative and since, Hal accrued more than 350 CEU’s and POST training hours in the fields of counter-terrorism and drug enforcement training. Hal is also a 2012 graduate of the Phoenix Citizens Police Academy (class of #69).

Hal currently serves, at the pleasure of Chief Williams, on the Phoenix PD Disciplinary and Use of Force Board and on the Community Advisory Board. In addition, he serves as Chaplain for the Arizona Narcotics Association (ANOA) since the summer of 2012. August 2012, Hal taught at DEA’s Narcotics Officers Annual Training on the “Patron Saints of the Narco World.”

Hal holds an earned Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) in Spiritual Formation from Phoenix University of Theology, Completed in November 2013. His Masters of Ministry (M.Min) in Business Theology is from Phoenix University of Theology. Transcripts available upon request.

Hal and his wife Cheryl have made Phoenix, Arizona, their home since 1981. Their daughter Nicole attended Arizona Christian University. She now lives in Mountain View, CA with her husband Marco and their young sons Luca and Rocco.

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Hal and Cheryl Sacks Press Kit


Since 1981, Hal and Cheryl Sacks, thorough BridgeBuilders International Leadership Network, have equipped, convened and mobilized God’s people in transformational prayer for critical issues facing Arizona, the Southwest border, and the nation with dramatic and measurable results.

During these years, the BBI team has conducted more than 2,500 training events and empowered more than five million Christians to pray for transformation. The ministry is seeing astounding answers to prayer as they continue to mobilize intense targeted prayer for Christian leaders, schools, law enforcement, and legislators. Two of BridgeBuilders primary focuses is on the SW Border trafficking issues and in the emerging generations in Arizona schools.

In 2011, BBI launched the AZ10K prayer network, a growing statewide prayer mobilization with currently more than 5,000 Arizona Christians participating. The AZ10K email alerts are a well-researched call to Christians to informed prayer over breaking news and strategic needs concerning Arizona, the Southwest border and the nation.

The BBl’s Arizona School Transformation Partnerships is an initiative that connects public schools with area churches. Congregations are trained to pray and serve students’ needs in their local schools. Immediate, dramatic and sustained results in the lives of students and faculty have followed each of the 26-hour prayers watches held on-­site at schools that targeted the school’s specific prayer requests and needs.

Hal and his wife Cheryl have made Phoenix, Arizona, their home since 1981. Their daughter Nicole attended Arizona Christian University and now lives in Mountain View, CA with her husband Marco and their young sons Luca and Rocco.

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