Why is BridgeBuilders International committed to transformational prayer… RESULTS

Know the Lord your God…

Nation-changing revivals have always started with a handful of committed, praying people.

Hal and Cheryl Sacks co-founded BridgeBuilders International (BBI) in 1981 to follow God’s command to advance His benevolent and merciful reign in every sphere of cultural influence (Matthew 6:10, John 18:36). For more than three decades, BBI has obediently endeavored to equip, pray for and support Christian leaders and prepare them to fulfill their God-given calling and destiny (Philippians 2:2, 2 Timothy 1:9).

See the positive fruit of our labor…

600 sex traffickers were arrested nationwide
16 teens rescued from forced prostitution
School shooting has been averted
37 "Most Wanted" drug cartel capture

As believers, we are on the front lines in changing America’s spiritual direction. Following committed fasting and prayer by God’s people, our country is experiencing a historic shift in leadership. Many professing Christians have been given positions of authority within the administration of President Donald J. Trump, including Mike Pence, Ben Carson, Jeff Sessions, Nikki Haley and Mike Pompeo. BBI continues to pray over our media and national government.

Because Arizona occupies a large portion of our country’s southwest border, we stand guard for the entire nation — focusing our prayers on the elimination of criminal activity and protection for our border communities and law enforcement officers. To date, 37 “Most Wanted” drug cartel leaders have been captured since BBI adopted this prayer strategy.

Children and families are precious to our Father, and to BBI. After organizing prayer initiatives at our schools, Arizona schools have experienced lower dropout rates and higher academic scores, and a school shooting has been averted. In 2017, the high school in Douglas — which was repeatedly disrupted by bomb threats until BBI began to pray — celebrated its fourth consecutive year without a single bomb threat at the school.

Before the 2015 Super Bowl, held at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, the Arizona Attorney General’s office asked us to mobilize prayer in anticipation of an influx of sex trafficking and prostitution. In response, BBI launched 21 Days of Prayer. During this intensive 3-week initiative, nearly 600 sex traffickers were arrested in stings nationwide. An operation in the Phoenix metropolitan area rescued 16 teens from forced prostitution.

These are just a few of the many tangible results from strategic intercession.

We believe God has more for us… as we pray together!

Police expanded prayer watch
Family expanded prayer watch
Schools expanded prayer watch
Training the next generation of leaders

Our great state is a shining star to the nation. BridgeBuilders is committed to training the next generations of leaders, expanding prayer watches in Arizona schools, and helping families pray together. In addition, we have, joined a coalition of churches to launch a National Family Prayer month, and live streamed Watchmen Noon Hour prayer meetings across the country as well as across the border.

BBI believes we are at the beginning stages of a Great Awakening. We can experience more amazing breakthroughs if people like you pray with us, volunteer and give financially. Will you join us to continue the reformation?

You have a role to play

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