Winds of Change Tour

Stage 3: Central Arizona

Stage 3: Central AZ Winds of Change Worship (Coming Soon!)

Participants in Stages 1 and 2 raise up and strengthen God’s people with transforming evenings of prayer, praise and worship, as we partner with our host churches across Arizona. For Stage 3, we will gather in the very heart of the state, where we take that worship to a higher place.

The Winds of Change Tour will climax with a powerful corporate worship experience that paves the way for God’s manifested Glory and Spiritual Awakening throughout Arizona, and beyond!

Chuck Pierce

Decrees breakthrough for Arizona

Chuck Pierce

A Word from March 22, 2017

The time is now!

Chuck Pierce

“All of a sudden by the Spirit, God showed me a whirlwind forming in the north, He showed me a whirlwind forming down on the border, two whirlwinds, one on each side of the state. He showed me a fourth one that formed up north in the eastern corner. Then they began to converge….”

—Chuck Pierce, Start the Year Off Right
Tucson, AZ (January 2014)

Cindy Jacobs

I am going to bring the 4 corners together and I am calling the 4 winds, says the Lord.”

 — Cindy Jacobs, Start the Year Off Right
Mesa, AZ (January 2010)

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