Day 15

School Boards: A Powerful Influence 

Studies show that local school boards play a critical role in the success of their district’s schools. They have tremendous authority to make decisions at a local level including:

  1. Planning for the schools in their community, setting goals, and establishing policies
  2. Approving curriculum materials
  3. Being accountable to the community to make sure schools are well run 
  4. Hiring and evaluating the district superintendent
  5. Overseeing the budget, salaries for employees, and approving purchases

The role of school board members is one of the most important and influential in our community! 

In the upcoming November 2018 general elections, Arizona will be voting for 90 school board members in districts across the state. 

School boards not only have a lasting impact on local education, they are typically the first step for anyone seeking higher public office as a mayor, state representative, or congressman. 

School boards are the launching pad for political careers. 

If more Christians were involved in their local school boards, it would not only be a blessing to our schools, but also produce a strong pool of Christian candidates who go on to win other local and state races!

Of course this highlights the importance of Christians being informed and VOTING in these critical elections!

If just 10 percent more Evangelicals came out to vote, it would tip an election.

In one case study in Austin, TX, for example, only 2.5 percent of registered voters showed up to the polls for the last school board election! 

The study went on to say, “Voters often do not know their elected school board member’s name or responsibilities…” 

Even if you are not a board member, as a concerned parent, property taxpayer, and a prayerful watchman, you can still attend school board meetings in your local area, get to know your board members, pray for them, and share your encouragement, ideas, or concerns.

The wisdom that comes from God is first utterly pure, then peace-loving, gentle, approachable, full of tolerant thoughts and kindly actions, with no breath of favoritism or hint of hypocrisy. And the wise are peace-makers who go on quietly sowing for a harvest of righteousness—in other people and in themselves. (James 3:17-18) 

Prayer: Father we thank You for every Arizona governing board member willing to serve our schools and communities! We ask that You would give them stamina, courage, and the wisdom from above to overcome challenges in their districts. 

We ask that Your plans and purposes for each school would be reflected in their long-term strategic planning and we invite Your Spirit to be present in every school board meeting across our state!

Lord we pray for Your answers to the obstacles that often confront our school boards: the lack of unified vision, little urgency to implement needed reforms, resistance to change, frequent member turnover making it difficult to follow through on long-term strategies, financial shortfalls, community apathy, disunity, and a lack of stable leadership. 

We pray that You would bring order, peace, and clarity in these situations and that You would raise up those gifted leaders who would champion the education of the next generation. 

We fervently cry out to You to ACTIVATE Your Church to be involved in the governance of our schools, by voting, attending board meetings, and serving as board members! 

Help us be salt and light in our local communities and not neglect our schools, in Jesus’ name.

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