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BridgeBuilders is issuing a Call to Prayer for justice, peace, and forgiveness following the death of Mr. George Floyd during his arrest in Minneapolis on Memorial Day. The incident has incited violent protests across the nation.

We are grieved because of this unnecessary and heartbreaking loss of a human life. It is tragic. It should not have happened.

News of the death of Floyd, a 46-year-old African American man who died while in police custody, has shaken the country, and demonstrations boiled over last night when a Minneapolis police station was overrun and set on fire by protestors. Destructive demonstrations ravaged the city and spread across the nation overnight.

Please pray with us for the Floyd family and for all who have been shocked and hurt in the aftermath of this incident.

“The ashes are symbolic of years and generations of pain, of anguish,” Gov. Tim Walz of Minnesota said after protesters set buildings on fire in Minneapolis. But, he said, “We need to restore order.”

The governor pleaded for an end to the violence saying the underlying issues involved in Floyd’s death could not be addressed until the literal fires are extinguished. President Trump called for quick action from the FBI and Justice Department to bring these officers to justice.

“The family of George Floyd is entitled to justice and the people of Minnesota are entitled to safety,” he said.

We must, out of desperation, pray for a change of hearts and a shift in the spiritual atmosphere over our cities.

As we enter this Pentecost weekend, believing for God to send a fresh outpouring of His Spirit to America, let us humble ourselves and pray, seek His face and confess our sins. Only then does He promise to heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Let’s Pray:

  • Merciful God, we ask that Your people would respond to Your call to pray and repent for our sins of pride, racism, apathy, and failure to spread the healing good news of the love of Jesus Christ.
  • We ask You to heal the family and friends of George Floyd over their tragic loss and for the healing of Minneapolis and other cities, as this incident has reopened wounds of past injustices.
  • Heal the root of racism and division in our nation and bring reconciliation and restoration.
  • Lord, we ask You to change the spiritual atmosphere over the cities of our nation, from one of pain and frustration to peace and forgiveness.
  • We lift up our law enforcement across the nation, the majority who seek to serve and protect our communities with integrity and honor. We ask You to protect those good and faithful men and women who justly and compassionately serve to keep the peace in their cities, counties, and state. Help them bring order out of chaos in this volatile atmosphere.
  • God of Justice, we pray for the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI as they investigate this incident, that truth will prevail and justice will be done.
  • We ask that you take what the enemy of all mankind meant for evil and turn it for good. We pray for needed and righteous changes to law enforcement’s Use of Force policies.
  • Our cities, already on edge because of fears surrounding COVID-19 and disputes of when and how to open up the country, are a tinderbox for violence. We speak peace over our cities and pray for any demonstrations to be peaceful and for hearts to be calmed. In Jesus’ Name, we pray. AMEN.


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