President Trump to Arrive in Arizona Today! What You Need to Know. How to Pray.

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The eyes of the nation will be on Arizona tonight as President Trump comes to the Valley of the Sun for his 7 p.m. “Keep America Great” rally at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix.

Law enforcement and city officials are busy preparing for the rally which is expected to draw massive crowds of supporters as well as protesters.

Governor Doug Ducey will ride in the President’s motorcade after greeting him at Sky Harbor International Airport at 6:00 p.m.

As Arizona watchmen, join us in praying for the safety of the President, all governmental officials, and everyone who will attend. (See prayer points below)

Members of the law enforcement community are asking for prayer for their safety and that attendees with differing views will interact with civility and peace during this event.

Pastor Andrew Cunningham of SouthGate Church in Phoenix, who also serves as chaplain of the Arizona Republican Party, has been invited to give the invocation at the rally.

Arizona will be in the spotlight once again when the 11th Democratic presidential debate is held in Phoenix on March 15. As Arizona has emerged as a battleground state, we can expect to be visited multiple times by candidates and that we will be in the forefront of the election news. There is some speculation that our state may even decide the elections.

How to Pray for President Trump’s Visit to Arizona:

  • For protection and safety for all who are attending the rally (Psalm 91). Heavenly Father, in light of President Trump’s visit to Arizona, we pray protection over our President, all governmental officials, and rally participants. We ask YOU to release YOUR angelic hosts of Heaven to watch over the rally location and surrounding residences and businesses. We declare there will be no loss of life or property.
  • For law enforcement’s success. Especially prepare and protect our law enforcement: the United States Secret Service, Arizona Department of Public Safety, City of Phoenix Police Department and their multi-agency task force partners, and the Phoenix Fire Department. Bring out their highest professional abilities and training for this special assignment.
  • For peace and understanding of those with differing points of view (Isaiah 11:2). We ask YOU to release YOUR mighty Spirit of Peace over the rally and give those with differing views an understanding heart toward one another. May they conduct themselves with safety, civility, and peace.
  • For God’s presence to invade the rally and any plans of the enemy to be thwarted (Exodus 33:14; 1Corinthians 15:57; Luke 12:2). Lord, we ask YOU to prepare Pastor Andrew Cunningham to deliver the invocation. Give him the words to speak that will honor YOU and that will invite YOUR presence to permeate the rally. We pray for any and all plans of the enemy to disrupt or bring harm will be uncovered and thwarted, in Jesus’ name.
  • For messages to be clear and truthful (Zechariah 8:16). Lord, we ask YOU to give the President and any other officials on the platform clarity, discernment, and wisdom regarding how and what they speak. We ask that media coverage of activities surrounding the President’s visit would be fair, complete, and accurate.
  • For all speakers to champion righteous ideas and values (Proverbs 29:2; Isaiah 50:4). Lord, we pray that everyone on the platform will champion righteous ideas and values and will encourage godly behavior and beliefs. In Jesus name, AMEN!


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