HB 2696 Will Legalize Infanticide in Arizona

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Tomorrow, Wednesday, February 20, Arizona State Representatives will hear a bill that, if passed, will make infanticide legal in Arizona.

HB 2696 was introduced by 17 members of the Arizona House last week. The bill denies any medical assistance to a living baby who survives an abortion; it repeals life-saving measures that have been on the books for 44 years.

The hearing begins at 8:30 a.m. in House Hearing Room 4 at the Arizona State Capitol, and you are welcome to attend. No signs or demonstrations, please! This will be a somber hearing due to the nature of the discussions.

After pro-life lawmakers learned two years ago of real life situations where babies born alive during attempted abortions were left to suffer and die, legislators took action to strengthen the 1975 law, resulting in updated reporting and equipment standards.

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Now, some Arizona lawmakers want to abolish that law and free abortionists from their obligation to provide immediate professional medical care to save the life of a baby born alive during an abortion attempt.

This is a measure just passed by New York legislators, and other states are moving to pass the same legislation. The law is already having real life and death consequences. Unless we pray and act, Arizona could be next.

God have mercy upon our state and nation!

Let’s Pray:

  • Oh, Lord, have mercy upon us for the 60,000,000 plus babies killed in the U.S. since the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision of 1973. We call out to YOU: Awaken the conscience of our nation. Forgive our sin and heal our land.
  • Unite YOUR Church to pray and act with one voice today: We declare that HB 2696 will not become law in Arizona on our watch! Click here to contact your two state representatives to voice your opposition to this legislation that legalizes infanticide in our state.
  • Dear Lord, we ask YOU to activate the consciences of our Arizona legislators, both Democratic and Republican. Give them the courage to vote for life and to stand up for what is right, resisting the temptation to do only what is politically expedient.
  • Lord, raise up YOUR Church in this critical hour. Empower us to speak out with conviction about the killing of innocent babies, yet at the same time to minister with love and compassion to those moms and dads whose hearts ache in the aftermath of abortion. We ask YOU, Lord, to dispel the lie that we cannot do both. In the powerful name of Jesus Christ, we pray. AMEN!


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