Wildfires Engulf Redding, California, Causing Mass Exodus

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Photo: The Carr Fire Rages. (Credit: Noah Berger / AP)

This just came in from Breaking Christian News! Bethel Church in Redding, California has issued an URGENT prayer alert as wildfires rage in their city.

CalFire spokesman Scott McLean stated that the fire is “taking down everything in its path,” according to CBS News. “It’s just a wall of flames. It’s nonstop,” he said.

Thousands have been fleeing Redding and the surrounding areas after a last-minute evacuation warning. CBS Sacramento called the scene a “mass exodus.”

“A wall of flame” hit the western part of the city, an area where around 5,000 people live. “For the most part, west Redding is on fire,” one official said.

“Really, we’re in a life-saving mode right now in Redding,” said Jonathan Cox, a chief with Cal Fire. “We’re not fighting a fire. We’re trying to move people out of the path of it because it is now deadly and it is now moving at speeds and in ways, we have not seen before in this area.”

McLean added that journeys which normally take about 20 minutes were reaching “two-and-a-half hours long as residents fled to safety.”

At least three firefighters have been badly burned as they fought to push back flames.

Join with us in immediate prayer as requested by Bethel in this statement:

On Monday, July 23, the Carr Fire started in Northern CA within Shasta County. As of this morning, the fire has consumed 20,000 acres and is 10% contained. Right now, we’re inviting the global community to join us in praying for Redding, for Northern California, and for California overall.

Let’s Pray:

Here are some specific prayer targets issued from Bethel Church

  1. Peace to our state and to those near fire
  2. Wisdom and safety for firefighters and officials
  3. Rain and the ceasing of wind, the smoke to clear for full visibility
  4. No lightning strikes
  5. Total and complete containment.

“God, we invite You to come and bring healing and divine intervention to this situation, and to the fires burning throughout California. You are faithful, and You are sovereign over the weather. Bring restoring rains, and protect this land.” -Bethel Church


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