Historic Trump-Kim Summit Begins Tonight: What Do We Need to Know – How Can We Pray?

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Photo: Kim Jong Un and President Trump are scheduled to meet on Tuesday. (Evan Vucci/AP, KCNA/Korea News Service via AP)

In one of the most important diplomatic meetings of the 21st century, U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un are set to begin talks tonight. The Summit at the Capella Hotel at Singapore’s Sentosa Island begins at 9 a.m. Tuesday local Singapore time (6 p.m. Monday Pacific Daylight Time).

No U.S. President has ever met with a North Korean leader before now, and the stakes are high for this historic meeting. After a handshake, Trump and Kim will first meet one on one with translators in a session that could last up to two hours before the meeting is opened to their respective advisers.

In addition to talking about the denuclearization of North Korea, discussions about the formal ending of the Korean War are sure to come up. There is great hope that this will happen and that families from the north and south will be reunited just as happened between East and West Germany.

Interestingly, the Summit falls on the same day that President Ronald Reagan gave his famous speech in Berlin, where he declared: “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” (June 12, 1987).

We need to unite in prayer that Kim Jong-un will go down in history as a liberator, not as an evil dictator.

What’s at Stake?

  1. Trump wants Kim to agree to a “complete verifiable irreversible denuclearization.” That means Kim giving up his nuclear arsenal-and its ability to produce or procure more nuclear weapons – permanently. It also means allowing international inspectors to come in to ensure the North Korean leader keeps his word.
  2. Kim wants relief from crippling economic sanctions imposed by the international community. Ruled by three generations of the Kim family, North Korea has spent more than 50 years and uncounted billions of dollars to build a nuclear arsenal that they see as the guarantee of their security. It is unclear if Kim is willing to give up his powerful nuclear arsenal in order to gain the lifting of sanctions.
  3. There is the possibility that a peace treaty would be negotiated announcing the formal ending of the Korean War, or there could be discussions of what it would take to delist North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. The US still keeps 30,000 troops in South Korea and has a military alliance that guarantees its security. Kim would like those troops to be removed.

Let’s pray:

  • Heavenly Father, we pray for safety over the Capella Hotel and over all those involved in this summit, especially over our President and the U.S. delegation.
  • Lord, we pray that Jesus, the Prince of Peace, will have full rule and reign over this Summit. We ask that Your Holy Spirit will be tangibly present and active in the meetings, working to bring about successful negotiations and heaven’s strategy for peace.
  • Father, we ask You to empower President Trump for this assignment. We ask that he will be graced with a supernatural mantle of wisdom and humility and able to present a plan to Kim Jong-un that he can embrace and will be willing to implement. Give President Trump great favor in this meeting.
  • In Jesus’ name we stand against the spirit of fear in the North Korean delegation and Kim himself, so that he and his regime will be willing to open up to the rest of the world and bring his suffering people into the light of healing and prosperity.
  • We declare in Jesus’ name that all demonic forces are bound and unable to hinder the summit in any way. We pray for all communications to be clear and unhampered.
  • Father, we ask You to give wisdom and guidance to president Trump’s advisors Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and National Security Advisor John Bolt, and to Kim’s advisor’s including his right-hand man, Kim Yong Chol, and his sister Kim Yo-Jong. We call the thoughts and hearts of each one to come into alignment with Your perfect will.
  • God of reconciliation, we ask for a spirit of goodwill and trust to be established, that North Koreans will follow through with their agreement to denuclearize the Korean peninsula; and that relations between North Korea South Korea, Japan, and the U.S. will be normalized.
  • Father, we ask that Kim Jong-un will go down in history as a liberator, not a dictator. May he see the door of opportunity before him and have the courage to walk through it.
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