Tinder Fire Rages, Teacher Strike Continues

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Photo: Tinder Fire: Department of Forestry and Fire Management posted to social media on April 29, 2018. / Emmanuel Lozano and Thomas Hawthorne/The Republic, Thomas Hawthorne/The Republic

Tinder Fire Out of Control

Fueled by strong winds and dry conditions, the Tinder Fire in northern Arizona southwest of Show Low is raging out of control. The fire which began Friday has grown to 11,420 acres and burned more than 30 buildings, including some homes, and threatens another 1,000 structures nearby.

Evacuations of nearly a dozen small communities have been ordered and Governor Doug Ducey has declared a state of emergency in Coconino County. Approximately 559 fire personnel are working to extinguish the fire, but as of Tuesday night, it is 0% contained.

As Arizona enters into wildfire season, the state is in desperate need of rain. Abnormal dryness or drought is currently affecting approximately 6,393,000 people, which is about 100% of the state’s population.

Let’s Pray:

  • Weather conditions: Heavenly Father, we ask You to send forth rain to quench the flames and bring needed moisture to the earth. We ask You to stop the strong winds from blowing and push back the blazes.
  • Firefighters: We pray for the strength, safety, and success of the firefighters as they fulfill their roles on the front lines of duty. Keep each one out of harm’s way as they engage in this battle against the forces of nature.
  • Evacuees:Lord, we pray for those who’ve been evacuated from their homes and places of employment. Provide them with shelter and resources in their time of need. Calm their spirits as only You can do during this stressful, uncertain time. We ask that there be no loss of life and no more loss of homes or other structures.

Teachers Strike Continues into Day Five

Sixty school districts have alerted parents that their schools will remain closed Wednesday as the teacher strike goes into day five.

Tuesday afternoon lawmakers moved to pass raises for striking teachers, and announced a budget deal to be phased in over five years that will provide school leaders with flexible dollars to update curriculum, improve school facilities, and increase support staff pay. The plan is expected to pass Wednesday, setting the stage for the walkout to end.

The ripple effect of the strike upon students and families, as well as businesses & churches who are stepping up to help has been enormous.

Let’s Continue to Pray:

  • One Million Students: Father, we pray for the nearly one million students who have been affected by this walkout. They have been losing valuable class time, and we pray that You will help them re-acclimate quickly to their studies when this strike is over. We ask for your protection and care over many who depend on the schools to provide their breakfast and lunch each day.
  • Working Parents:Oh, Lord, we ask that You continue to provide feasible solutions for the parents who have been scrambling to find alternative care for their children. Thank you for the many churches and businesses that have opened their doors to students, providing meals and a safe place to stay during the day.
  • Teachers Salaries: Lord, we pray that our Arizona teachers would be adequately paid. Rather than being ranked among the lowest in the nation, we pray their pay would be competitive with other states.
  • Lawmakers:Heavenly Father, we’re thankful for our Governor and state legislators who have been working long hours to come up with the best solution to fund teacher salaries and classroom resource needs. We pray that You will continue to give them strength and wisdom as they finalize the State budget, working not only to provide additional school funding but to protect other important agencies such as child protection, public safety, care for our military veterans, and more.
  • School Administrators: Lord, we ask You to give our school administrators wisdom as they make decisions in how to have the students make up lost classroom time, which could affect testing and graduation timelines.
  • School Environment: As teachers and students go back to the classroom, we speak peace and safety over their school environment and ask that classrooms be orderly and conductive to learning. May a spirit of cooperation, honor and respect prevail among all teachers, students, parents, and administrators.


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