California Wildfires Continue to Devastate

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100,000 people evacuated • 42 dead • 6900 lost homes
245,000 acres • 11,000 firefighters responded to 250 fires1

The battle against the raging fires across Northern and other parts of California continue. 42 people dead, 50 still missing and thousands evacuated are still unable to return home are just some of the numbers being reported.

As of Oct 19, the Atlas Fire in Napa and Solano counties burned more than 51,600 acres and was 83 percent contained, according to Cal Fire.


  • Pocket Fire burned more than 16,500 acres and was 73 percent contained;
  • Tubbs Fire burned more than 36,000 acres and was 92 percent contained;
  • Nuns Fire burned more than 54,000 acres and was 82 percent contained.

God is answering prayers. Not only are many of the fires, especially in Northern California, significantly—if not completely—contained but light rains reached the areas overnight to aid in the efforts.

According to the CalFire’s website, of the 13 large wildfires, 4 are 100% contained with a majority of the rest 80+% contained.
In closing, prayers are still URGENTLY needed for there is much firefighting to do followed by a long and hard period of recovery.

Let’s Pray:

  • LORD, we thank You that cooler weather and rain is in the forecast. In Jesus name, we speak to the winds to subside and call for the clouds and rain to come forth. We cry out to You, Lord, for the destruction of these fires and protection from new fires being ignited.
  • God of Mercy, send Your angelic hosts to assist firefighters in containing and extinguishing the fires and for the protection of residents and property.
  • We continue to pray comfort over those who have lost family and loved ones and for the thousands who have lost property; some who have lost everything. Empower Your Church to step into this opportunity to meet tangible needs, share the gospel, and comfort the agony of the community.
  • We continue to lift up to you the incredible efforts of the firefighters and emergency support teams. Protect them from harm and give them wisdom and strength in the midst of this crisis. Provide needed replacements so our firefighters and first responders can have the rest and recuperation they need from this exhausting work.
  • We call for the arrest of anyone who may have intentionally set any fire ablaze that they will be brought to justice.
  • Father, we ask for Your hope to shine amongst the chaos and for miracles in the midst of firefighting and recovery efforts. O Lord, show Your glory among the embers.


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