California Wildfires Rage into Historical Records

 In AZ10K, Location-National

31 DEAD with many still missing;
221,000 ACRES and 2800+ HOMES BURNED;

Fires still rage in California with unprecedented fury making it the worst in state history. Many fires are raging, still out of control, while firefighters from several states battle the forces tirelessly. Winds and lack of rain over the next week aid in making the situation dire.

The more than 221,000 acres burned amounts to an area larger than the city of Dallas, according to the Washington Post. As of this [Friday] morning, there are 17 fires still uncontained.

Let’s Pray:

  • LORD, TOGETHER WE CALL OUT TO YOU IN THE FACE OF THESE FIRES. We call for Your mighty hand to push the blazes away from harm.
  • We call out to You for strength, safety, and resources for firefighters who are running headlong into the blazes to douse the flames and to rescue many who are trapped.
  • Lord, too, we cry for an easing of the winds and the provision of great rainfall not only to quench the fires but also to refresh the scorched land.
  • We call for Your comfort to the many who are directly affected and for provision for those who have lost everything.
  • We rejoice, too, that not even one sparrow escapes Your attention and in Your arms, victory and peace is secure.


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