North Korea Threatens Revenge: Rising Danger, Narrowing Options

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Today North Korea threatened ‘thousands-fold’ revenge against the US.

The latest threat comes after the U.N. Security Council voted 15-0 on Saturday to approve new sanctions on Pyongyang, including coal and other exports worth more than $1 billion.

The UN Security Council’s decision followed repeated missile tests by North Korea, which threaten the safety and security of the U.S. and the world.

In response to the strong sanctions, North Korea says it will take a “stern action of justice”.

Speaking at BridgeBuilders’ Partners Luncheon on July 7, U.S. Rep. Trent Franks specifically asked Christians to pray diligently for President Trump in regard to the North Korean situation.

“This president has a unique but profoundly significant challenge because he does not have the options anymore.” -U.S. Rep. Trent Franks

Pyongyang has carried out 12 missile tests since February and concerns were heightened last month when Pyongyang test-fired two intercontinental missiles experts said were capable of reaching the US mainland.

Less than six years into his reign, Kim Jong Un has tested more missiles than his father and grandfather combined.

Pyongyang’s message to the United States is: “We are willing to risk nuclear war to achieve our goals, are you?”

About 10 years ago, North Korea agreed to abandon its nuclear program. Since that time, however, the country has not shown signs of implementing denuclearization; on the contrary, its leaders have expressed that they are no longer interested in doing so.

An unstable foe…inaction from world leaders

Largely due to the decisions and lack of action by former U.S. administrations, the dangers of a nuclear arsenal in the hands of an unstable and untrustworthy adversary pose an imminent threat.

“The threat is much more immediate now and so it’s clear that we can’t repeat the same approach — failed approach of the past,” said national security adviser H.R. McMaster during a security conference in June with Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly.

Today, the situation is exceedingly fragile.

Let’s Pray

  1. Heavenly Father, we lift up President Trump and the current administration—and ask You to grace them with courage and wisdom in dealing with the North Korea crisis.
  2. Lord, we pray that the US and our allies would work in cooperation and with good judgment and understanding.
  3. We ask You to direct the decisions of UN leaders and give them new insights, revelation, and discernment in responding to North Korea and its volatile and unstable leader Kim Jong Un.
  4. We pray for a change of heart in the leadership of North Korea or the ousting of the tyranny that suppresses its people under the guise of national security.
  5. We call for safety for America and our allies against any military or ballistic attack.
  6. We declare protection against instability and irrationality that would lead to deliberate, careless or accidental actions on the part of North Korea or individuals within the government.


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