God-sized Report About the Border: Winds of Change (Stage 1)

 In AZ10K, Answered Prayer

God’s powerful presence imparts fresh wind…fresh fire!

What an amazing time of fellowship with God, and with believers from throughout Arizona as well as from Mexico and other nations. Our hearts are filled with gratitude to our host pastors, the anointed worship teams, and all who joined us in each of the tour’s three anchor cities and through live streaming.

As we joyfully worshiped the One Who is worthy of all our praise, His Spirit was with us — uniting hearts and igniting expectations of a breakthrough.

In their own words

Traveling across Arizona’s southern border with Mexico, it’s clear that change is in the air!

During our final night of worship, Pastor Fernando Betancourt of Ministerios Tierra de Bendicion announced:

“The Winds of Change Tour is more than just a saying or a name. It’s a prophetic declaration. It’s an action. I just sense in my spirit that the winds are changing in Douglas, the winds are changing on the border.”

Compelling testimonies from Border Tour participants bear witness to that bold declaration. Each is uniquely personal, yet they share consistent themes. Here are just a few excerpts:

  • We’re seeing God’s people fired up, we’re seeing…the canopy of worship inviting God’s presence throughout these three regions.
  • Many years ago, we had a lot of prophetic visions of the fire of God beginning to spread out from Yuma and spread across the whole nation. This…is reigniting what God already said He was going to do.
  • Jesus Christ is the rightful ruler…(of) the people in this land.
  • The pouring out of His Spirit is going to be so great, we will…sense the presence of the Holy Ghost right before us, right beside us, and right behind us.
  • There were a lot of breakthroughs… The Lord is calling unity to this people and this land.
  • God is doing amazing things in Douglas, He’s doing amazing things on the border, and amazing things that are going across the border into Mexico.
  • Breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough…

Breakthrough by the numbers

We are seeing the beginning of God’s loving impact on the southwest border through the Winds of Change Tour. Hal reminded us that this initiative is simply an act of obedience to a rising move of God in our state: We were asked to show up and be obedient.

As we look ahead to this summer’s Northern Worship Tour, we thank our Father for what He has already done. Some of the highlights:

Winds of change Tour Highlights Graphic

…And countless lives impacted by your faithful prayers and participation!

Join us in thanksgiving and praise…

  • Thank You, Loving Father, for Your mighty hand of protection over the church, community leaders, the worship teams and for all those who traveled to and from Yuma, Nogales and Douglas.
  • Keep YOUR Ecclesia strong in the LORD and the power of His might. Encourage them to keep a canopy of praise and worship over their cities and regions.
  • We give You thanks and praise for drawing Your people from across Arizona to pray and worship AS ONE. Thank you for unifying your people with one purpose and one heart for You, and the “lost” of their cities and state. You are exposing evil with the light of Your presence and turning multitudes to Jesus Christ as their LORD.
  • We declare that YOU are causing the desert to blossom and making Arizona prosper like a well-watered garden. We lift Your name, Jesus, the name above all names, over Arizona and along the border. We bless and honor You, Lord, for You alone are worthy to be praised. Amen!

Winds of Change Bullets

Remember, the Northern Worship Tour is coming this summer!


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