God, Restore Truth in MEDIA!

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Many believe the very future of our nation is at stake in the 2016 elections…and that this critical vote is being heavily influenced by the news media.

In a recent Facebook post, respected Christian leader, Franklin Graham warned that the news media is advancing their own agenda:

“Isn’t the media bias incredibly — especially relating to political candidates?”

“They spin story after story against the candidates they don’t like and in favor of the candidates they support.”

I hope and pray that Christians are not deceived by the media’s bias, but will give prayerful consideration as they go to the polls and vote.”

“Our political system in this country is broken. The corruption is in both parties and is unbelievable. The media, along with many politicians from both parties, doesn’t want any of this to change.”

“America needs the Christian voice at the ballot box. We can’t be silent. The church needs to take a stand for God’s truth and His righteousness.”

Graham isn’t alone in voicing his concern about the media. Trust in the news media has plummeted in recent years, eroded by perceptions of inaccuracy and bias.

Several high-profile blunders and recent revelations from WikiLeaks expose the relationship between political campaigns and reporters and how the media was actively aiding them.

  • Only 6% of people say they have a lot of confidence in the media (Media Insight Project)
  • 4 in 10 say they can remember a specific incident that eroded their confidence in the media, either through inaccuracy or a perception that the reporting was one-sided.

Veteran Democrat political analyst, Pat Caddell who has worked on Democrat campaigns stretching back to the Carter era has spoken out against bias in the media.

He also has evidence that polling numbers are being manipulated and is calling for an investigation, “Never have I seen a news organization do something so dishonest.”

“And it is terrifying. It’s not what they’re telling us, it’s what they’re omitting to tell us.”

Just this week I heard more revealing information while attending the National Prayer Assembly in Washington, D.C., where the ministry leaders heard from 25 top experts on the critical issues facing our nation. In a report on “Truth in Media” from Ralph Drollinger of Capitol Ministries, we learned that:

  • From July to mid-October, 29% of reporting focused on the elections.
  • Of that percentage, 91% focused on negative stories about republican candidates.
  • Only one-half of a percent focused on negative stories about democratic candidates.

Americans of both political parties as well as independent voters deserve to hear the truth reported in media, not only about the elections but all issues.

Let’s Pray

  • Heavenly Father, we pray the news media will not use fear tactics nor exaggerations in their reporting to gain better ratings or increase their profits. We pray that broadcasts, reporters, websites, and online reports will be filled with integrity.
  • Lord, we pray that the news media will be flooded with the influence of Christ. Raise up young entrepreneurs to start new media outlets that will be a voice for truth and righteousness.
  • Heavenly Father, we pray that Christians would not be silent. Give them the courage to speak up by responding to editorials in writing and by sharing their perspective through social media.
  • Lord, we pray that we, as believers, would realize our great responsibility to shape the culture around us and literally change the news that happens around our nation. May miraculous God stories become so prominent that the news cannot help but report the good news.
  • We ask that believers will seek out useful information in the news that will help them to pray more effectively for the circumstances impacting our nation and our world.
  • Father of Light, thank you for the courage of whistleblowers who take risks to report the truth. We ask Your protection on them and pray that “everything that is hidden will be uncovered!” (see Matthew 10:26).
  • We pray that You would remove the scales from the eyes of those who have chosen ideology, political expediency or personal agenda ahead of journalistic integrity.
  • We ask for the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit to stir a passion for the truth in their hearts. “Therefore love truth and peace.” Zech 8:19
  • In this final critical election week, we pray, Oh Lord, that You would give believers great discernment and guide them by Your Spirit as they watch the news and prepare to vote.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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