Powerful Prayer for Phoenix Police!

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“I never knew we had so many godly police officers in Phoenix!
I saw their burden to pray for our city and how
they carry the Father’s heart to reach the lost.”
-Peter Nam, Young Leader at the Phoenix PD Prayer Gathering

Serving in law enforcement is truly a calling – one that asks brave men and women to face dangers and threats so that the rest of us hopefully won’t have to.

A series of tragic, heart-breaking events in recent months have reminded the nation how difficult and important a law enforcement officer’s job is every day.

Day after day, they never know when a routine traffic stop or a domestic violence call could turn deadly…

…Or if they will have to make a life-or-death decision in a split-second in a volatile situation.

One wrong move could cost civilian lives – or their own.

We know of officers who are under so much stress that they’ve had to take extended leave because of anxiety attacks. The emotional and physical toll their job takes on them is far more than civilians realize.

Law enforcement officers need our continued prayer, which is why BridgeBuilders is committed to mobilizing on-going prayer for those in uniform who serve and protect.

This week while Hal was at a prayer meeting we got some exciting news:

A church prayer team is taking BridgeBuilders’ Law Enforcement Prayer Guide to every Phoenix Police Department precinct and praying through the prayer points!

Cheryl to Speak on Prayer for Police

Next week Cheryl will be at Cindy Jacobs’ Reformation Prayer Network annual summit where she has been asked to speak on BridgeBuilders’ prayer initiatives for law enforcement and protection against terrorism.

It is an opportunity to share strategies and insights with prayer leaders from around the nation and to mobilize effective prayer for this critical sphere of influence in our cities. Please keep her in your prayers for this.

Worship and Prayer With Phoenix Police Department

Recently, we took part in the 3rd Annual Phoenix Police 24-Hour Prayer Watch.

Phoenix is one of only a handful of city municipalities in the nation that holds official, community-wide prayer gatherings, with the approval of the chief of police.

The sound of worship reverberating through the open atrium of the City Hall building in downtown Phoenix was magnificent!

All the seats were taken as we gathered for the opening ceremony, with a racially diverse crowd that included young and old.

What a powerful time this was!

“Seeing this gathering gives me tremendous hope for our nation.”
–Retired Phoenix Police Officer Mike N.

Officers were there, some with their wives and children. The stories and prayers shared were impacting and gave a deeper picture of what these families go through.

One wife, who used to be a police officer, broke down as she shared about her husband who had been shot but fortunately recovered, though they are still marked by the trauma of this.

Some of the speakers were so overcome with emotion that they had to compose themselves before they could continue.

One troubling issue discussed was the high rate of suicide among retired police officers; something we need to continue to pray about.

Several officers expressed their profound gratitude to those who pray for them; it was clear that they were deeply touched that the Christian community would come out and support them.

Many were very open about their faith in Jesus, participating in the worship, praying themselves and receiving prayer from us afterward.

One retired officer spoke transparently about relying on the Holy Spirit and praying during life-threatening situations on the job.

Following the opening ceremony, we moved to the Phoenix Police Museum for the remainder of the 24-Hour Watch.

The retired officers there were “blown away” by the passion and fervency of the prayer and that so many young people were there to pray around the clock, many from Phoenix Fire (a local church prayer group) and BridgeBuilders’ Underground Reformers.

These young people were deeply impacted by the Memorial Room honoring the officers killed in the line of duty – and some lay prostrate on the floor praying there while worship and intercession continued in other rooms.

One of the issues that was discussed and prayed over was the rhetoric in the media following police shootings. So often conclusions are made even before an investigation has taken place and all the facts are known.

Linked to this is the need to strengthen community relationships and cooperation, something the incoming Chief of Police, Jeri Williams, will stress. We also prayed for her extensively.

BridgeBuilders’ Phoenix PD Prayer Guide, developed in consultation with the Phoenix Police Department, was distributed along with the new Arizona Law Enforcement Prayer Guide.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this powerful time of prayer as we cried out to the Lord for the men and women who serve our city in the police force!

May the Lord watch over the cities and towns of Arizona, bring peace and an unprecedented cooperation between community and police that would make our state a model for the nation. Amen.

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