AZ Crisis – The Hidden Homeless

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This week, a heartbreaking article shone a light on child homelessness in Arizona – along with a shocking statistic:

There are 29,537 homeless kids in Arizona public schools.

These are the “hidden homeless,” young outcasts who, through no fault of their own, live in motels, with other relatives, on the streets or in emergency shelters.

Other kids simply go from one friend’s home to the next, crashing on their couch. These so-called “couch kids” lack a stable family life or parents who are taking care of them.

The number of homeless youth in Arizona is even higher when one includes those not enrolled in school, ages 18 to 24, many of whom fled their homes to escape from physical abuse, parental neglect, and sexual violence.

For the nearly thirty thousand Arizona children who lack a secure home, a school has added challenges:

Many struggle daily with being isolated from peers, missing class, repeating grades, and even dropping out of school entirely.

Troublingly, 51% of children in Arizona reside in low-income households.

The National Center on Family Homelessness ranks Arizona as the worst in the nation for risk of child homelessness.

Every one of these homeless young people is precious and has tremendous potential.

As we continue to pray for schools in this new school year, let’s not forget to pray for those who lack a secure home or a stable place to stay.

God has a plan and a purpose for each of them!

Let’s pray that they will be able to rise above the extreme challenges they face, have their housing needs met and come to know their Heavenly Father who always has a place in His heart for them!

Update on 21 Days of Back-to-School Prayer

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in the 21-Day Back to School Prayer Walk and who downloaded our prayer guides.

The tragic school shooting just this morning at Alpine High School in Texas is another reminder of how important it is that we don’t stop praying for our schools and asking for Psalm 91 protection!

We’re so blessed to hear how our work is serving as a model to the nation as prayer leaders in other states are using and adapting BridgeBuilders’ school prayer guides. We love it when a grassroots prayer movement grows and spreads!

Please continue to pray for the students and teachers in our state. Arizona schools face tremendous pressures – the high number of homeless students is just one of these.

We’ve seen God at work in our schools and know that He answers prayer in dramatic and measurable ways!

Thousands of hours of prayer for our schools is making a difference – and does shift the spiritual climate on these campuses!

  • 91st Psalm Christian School, Phoenix
  • Laveen School District
  • Aire Libre Elementary
  • Lindbergh Elementary
  • All Florence Unified School District
  • Little Big Minds-Arcadia
  • All Saints Episcopal Day School
  • Loma Linda
  • American Heritage Academy, Cottonwood
  • Magee Middle, Tucson
  • Amphi Elementary, Tucson
  • Magma Ranch, Florence
  • Amphi Middle School, Tucson
  • Manzo Elementary Tucson
  • Amphitheater High, Tucson
  • Mission Manor Elementary, Tucson
  • Bethany Middle
  • Morgan Maxwell, Tucson
  • Bie Bie Amigos – Preschool
  • Mountain View High, Tucson
  • Bloom Elementary, Tucson
  • Mountain Vista Elementary, Oracle
  • Booth-Fickett, Tucson
  • Mountain Vista Middle, Oracle
  • Cactus High
  • Orangewood Elementary
  • Camelback High
  • Palo Verde High, Tucson
  • Canyon del Oro High, Tucson
  • Paradise Valley Christian Preparatory
  • Capital Elementary
  • Paradise Valley Community College
  • Casas Christian, Tucson
  • Paradise Valley High
  • Catalina High School, Tucson
  • Peoria High
  • CDO, Tucson
  • Pinnacle High
  • Centennial High
  • Pinnacle Peak Middle
  • Central High
  • Pioneer Elementary
  • Cholla High, Tucson
  • Poston Butte High, San Van Valley
  • Circle Cross, San Tan Valley
  • Project More High, Tucson
  • Coronado High
  • Pueblo High, Tucson
  • Coronado K-8, Catalina
  • Queen Creek High
  • Desert Christian High, Tucson
  • Richard B. Wilson K-8, Tucson
  • Desert Christian Middle, Tucson
  • Rillito Center, Tucson
  • Desert Mountain High
  • Rogers Ranch, Laveen
  • Desert Trails Elementary
  • Roskruge Elementary, Tucson
  • Desert Valley
  • Sabino High, Tucson
  • Desert View High, Tucson
  • Sahuaro High, Tucson
  • Dietz Elementary, Tucson
  • Salt River Elementary
  • Doolen Middle, Tucson
  • Santa Clara Elementary, Tucson
  • Eagle
  • Santa Rita High, Tucson
  • Eagle College Prep
  • Scottsdale College
  • East Yuma County
  • Scottsdale Preparatory Academy
  • Ethos Academy, Glendale
  • Shadow Mountain High
  • Explorer Middle
  • St Johns, Apache County
  • Faith Christian Church, Mesa
  • Tanque Verde High, Tucson
  • Flowing Wells High, Tucson
  • Thunderbird High, Phoenix
  • Freedom Baptist School, Yuma
  • Tucson High, Tucson
  • Gladden Farms Elementary, Marana
  • Tully Elementary, Tucson
  • Grand Canyon University
  • University of Arizona, Tucson
  • Harold Steele Elementary, Tucson
  • Valley Christian
  • Hohokam
  • Verde Valley Christian, Cottonwood
  • Ironwood High, Santa Fe
  • Vista
  • Ironwood Ridge High, Tucson
  • Vista del Sur, Laveen
  • John B. Wright Elementary, Tucson
  • West Valley, praying for ALL schools!
  • John Jacobs Elementary
  • Whitmore Elementary, Tucson
  • Kellond Elementary, Tucson
  • Yavapai County High, Prescott Valley
  • L M Prince Elementary, Tucson
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