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Our last message about reformation received a lot of response from our BridgeBuilders’ friends! We love hearing from you, so please don’t hesitate to email us. We heard many positive comments from those who’ve caught the vision for reformation and are standing shoulder to shoulder with us as we work towards it.

Many of you are coming to our Noonday Prayer on Mondays and we’re excited to see new faces joining us each week. These meetings are a good way to be closely linked in with the Watchmen Prayer Movement. There are often issues that we pray over that cannot be shared publicly and these meetings form the core of our on-going strategic prayer for the state.

We want to continue to focus on mobilizing Watchmen in all spheres. In this new 3-part email series we’ll be looking at how you can occupy your territory and bring a breakthrough to your workplace.

The workplace is the great, underestimated
place of transformation…

The Church won’t be able to change culture until we’re occupying the spheres in the workplace where the enemy has control!
– Lance Wallnau

Think about that statement for a moment. Then read it again.

Each of us has a primary sphere of influence, in addition to our family. For most of us, that is our place of work. This is where we will spend the majority of our most productive years and invest the bulk of our life’s effort. What would happen if millions of Christians, who are on track to spend four decades at work, could effectively “occupy” their workplace?

However, instead of being a prevailing influence, Christians have generally retreated from the public arena. The decline of a strong Christian influence in the workplace has left a vacuum that has quickly been filled by an aggressively anti-Christian ideology.

“The war is over the presence of God:
Who will rule the spiritual atmosphere…in your workplace?”
– Hal Sacks

When we read news stories about soldiers threatened with court-martial for sharing their faith, students, teachers or principals suspended for praying or speaking out in schools, or the forced resignation of a CEO over his support of biblical marriage – the workplace can seem like hostile territory for Christians.

How do we face this if we’re serious about bringing the Kingdom into this sphere? Here are a few thoughts I’d like to share:

  • Be bold and resolute. Don’t let news stories about the harassment of Christians silence, intimidate or discourage you. Remember that the news only covers the worst, most extreme things that are happening. The countless acts of kindness and integrity performed by Christians every day in the workplace are never reported. Neither are the untold times Christians share the gospel or pray for someone they work with. God is on the move in the workplace and if we are faithful we will see a great harvest there!
  • Be encouraged and know you are not alone. Elijah thought he was the only one standing for righteousness when Jezebel threatened him. Let’s not make that same mistake.If you’re singled out by anti-Christian forces, know that you are not alone. Courage begets courage and your bold stand for Christ will embolden others. You have a constitutional right to the freedom of religion and the freedom of speech. Like anything else, “if you don’t use it, you lose it.” Exercise these rights in the workplace graciously but with resolve and know that by doing so, you are strengthening and preserving them for others. Retreating further and losing more ground is not an option!
  • Proximity is power. Praying on-site will bring a shift in the spiritual atmosphere. This will make people more receptive to the gospel. When you are at work, make it a habit to pray on location and to prayerwalk the premises if possible. I’ve discovered that most people won’t say “no” if you offer to pray for them, especially when they’re going through a challenging time.
  • Invite the Presence of God into your workplace. His Presence displaces darkness. Some of the most powerful breakthroughs we’ve seen on the border and in schools have come when we have simply created an atmosphere that invited the Lord to be present in a location.

“The hardest thing in the world is to seek the face of God. But when His Glory (His tangible presence) comes, He comes in power to change us and the world around us!

He’s pleased to dwell in the midst of His people who walk in an intimate place with Him. He is pleased to be with them, watch over them, and make a way for them.”
– Hal Sacks

Seeing awakening come to your workplace may not be easy – but it’s a vital part of the transformation of our state and nation. Remember that wherever God sets you, that is the land you are called to possess. And this is where you can invite His glorious presence and watch Him do abundantly more than we can ask or think!

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